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How Can I Stop All Those PopUp Windows?
Every time i visit adult sites i get soo many popup windows that its impossibe to surf! Its annoying! How can I stop this?

What Is A "Cookie"?
What are "cookies" and can they harm my computer or compromize my privacy as I surf adult sites?

What Is Spyware And How Do I Get Rid Of It?
I've read a lot about spyware and want to know if i have it. If I do, how do I remove it from my computer?

Is It Safe To Use My Credit Card On Porn Sites?
I found a site I really want to join but im afraid to use my credit card. Is it safe or will I get ripped off?

How Do I Stop My Browser From Filling In A Domain As I Type It?
Whenever my wife starts to type a domain name in our browser all of the pornsites ive visited that start with the same letters appear! How do i make this stop?

Are The offers of "Free Porn In My Email" Legitimate?
I'm tempted to try one of them but I don't want a lot of spam. What are these offers and can i really get free porn in my email?

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